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Web Publishers’ Community – June Update

As June comes to a close the WPC Session heard further updates on EdWeb’s progress and the development of a new University Web Accessibility Policy. To close the session participants watched a webinar entitled “The Mobile Content Mandate” presented by content strategist Karen McGrane.

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Spring clean your website

This week at the website support clinic, we received a visit from a member of staff looking for advice on how to prepare her website for the upcoming migration to EdWeb. As so often happens, other work had got in the way and the site was in need of a bit of attention. The site contained a large number of outdated news articles as well as pages that were no longer being used. We helped her to identify the pages with the most visitors and the pages that were no longer necessary.

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EdWeb news roundup

Hopefully now it’s old news to anybody within the University that we are in the process of moving to a new content management system for the website. If not, carry on reading for an update of where we are with the project and for everybody else, this post aims to provide a useful roundup of key information resources to stay in touch with project progress.

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