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Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Bicycles. Canals. Boats. Tulips. Drupal. This year, Amsterdam had a new landmark to identify with. More than 2,300 Drupalistas attended the yearly European conference that gets the Drupal community together for a week to discuss all things Drupal, as well as other cutting edge web technologies and project management methodologies.

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Director’s update – EdWeb migration process

The foundations are now well and truly laid for the delivery of the University’s new content management system. The Polopoly replacement is based on the open source Drupal platform and will provide a much better user experience for web editors. It will also deliver responsive content – fit for phones and tablets.

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Sticking with us – the upside of a central service

Managing your website through a large scale (or enterprise-level) content management system can occasionally feel like a frustrating or restricting experience. I know this because I’ve been a web manager myself, and I field enquiries and comments from time to time in this vein. I had one such email recently, and would like to share it with you (anonymised, of course!).

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Evolving the website design and navigation

At last month’s Web Publishers Community session, I went through how and why the design and navigation of the University website was changing. The slides from the session are available as ever, but I thought it would be good to write a blog post to cover the main points for those that couldn’t make the session.

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