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Our first UX meetup – Letting the guerrilla loose

Yesterday we held the first of hopefully many lunchtime UX meetup sessions for colleagues interested in making websites, products and services for useful and user-friendly. We started with a seminar on guerrilla user research from Marty Dunlop, before spending 45 minutes in a lively debate of topics chosen by the group.

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EdWeb feature prioritisation survey results

A couple of weeks ago we distributed a short survey to all EdWeb CMS users, and also invited participation from their colleagues who, while not using the system directly, are stakeholders in the management of University websites. In this post, I share the data collected, and provide a little commentary.

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Getting a reaction from community mailing lists

We do a lot of engagement via University mailing lists, and on the whole do pretty well in terms of response and reaction. I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve learned over the years in the course of communicating with the communities we support.

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DrupalCamp Scotland 2015

DrupalCamp Scotland – the annual training camp and meetup (running for 6 years now!) brings together the people who use, develop, design and support the Drupal CMS platform in Scotland. This year the group convened at the University of Edinburgh, with members of the University Website Programme team contributing presentations on EdWeb and agile usability.

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Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Bicycles. Canals. Boats. Tulips. Drupal. This year, Amsterdam had a new landmark to identify with. More than 2,300 Drupalistas attended the yearly European conference that gets the Drupal community together for a week to discuss all things Drupal, as well as other cutting edge web technologies and project management methodologies.

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Web Publishing Community session – August 2014

At this month’s Web Publishing Community session Angie Lamb (IS Web Champion and Lead Analyst ) gave an interesting presentation on how she and the IS web management team had gone about tidying up and streamlining the Information Services website using website and call management analytics. Angie gave us a quick introduction to the methods she had used and some insights from what she found.

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