Dawn Ellis

Programme Director
Dawn led the University Website Programme, supporting the University's key strategic goals and coordinating a comprehensive web publishing framework for the University community. Dawn left the University in December 2015.

Recent posts by Dawn Ellis


EdWeb 1st 15

I am thrilled to say that we have reached a magnificent milestone; we have delivered all 15 sites planned for this stage of the migration process from Polopoly to EdWeb. All 15 sites are working well and site owners seem happy with the new tool and since we know the new tool is only going to get better, that’s great news.

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Director’s update – EdWeb migration process

The foundations are now well and truly laid for the delivery of the University’s new content management system. The Polopoly replacement is based on the open source Drupal platform and will provide a much better user experience for web editors. It will also deliver responsive content – fit for phones and tablets.

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