Design thinking and user experience training through Lynda.com

The University provides access for staff and students to a wealth of online learning through Lynda.com. I’ve been working my way through much of the UX provision and can strongly recommend a playlist I compiled of sessions by Chris Nodder.

When I first wrote about the hands-on user experience training I had developed, I recommended one of Chris’ videos as an introduction to design thinking. I’ve since reviewed much more of what’s available via Lynda.com and really enjoyed his work in particular.

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Screenshot of Lynda.com video showing Chris Nodder presenting

UX consultant Chris Nodder introduces his Design Thinking course on Lynda.com

I don’t think anything beats getting hand-on experience in UX-related techniques but if you’re unable to come along to the in-person training I’m providing then the resources from Lynda.com are probably the next best thing.

I’ve found installing the Lynda app onto my tablet, and then downloading classes to watch offline to be particularly useful (as I commute and don’t always have good wifi) but there are of course other ways to consume the material.

If you need help getting started with Lynda.com the Digital Skills team can support you.

Getting started with Lynda.com (Information Services website)

A UX research and design thinking playlist

I’ve pulled together a playlist of Chris Nodder’s work, which provides:

  • An introduction to the design thinking process
  • Sessions on all the key UX research and design techniques
  • Advice on getting started with your team and projects

This playlist is for Edinburgh staff and students only, I’m afraid.

My Lynda.com UX research & design thinking playlist for University of Edinburgh staff and students

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