Agile usability session at Drupalcamp Scotland

Last Saturday I contributed a session to Drupalcamp Scotland in which I talked about the challenges of, and my approach to, integrating usability testing into an agile development process.

I was very pleased with the turnout and interest in what I had to say. Twenty-something people attended, which I would estimate was over 20% of delegates. Not bad for a session that was about neither Drupal or development.

The session was a slightly updated and amended version of what I have previously presented within the University. I made changes because: the project has ended (wrong tense throughout my previous slides), I wasn’t following up with a demo of the technique (40 minutes in a lecture theatre not ideal for this) and the audience were, I anticipated, less familiar with usability testing (cue lots of references to Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery book!).

Presentation slides

Drupalcamp Scotland – Usability testing in an agile development process from Neil Allison


Making usability agile – full write up of a similar session, including practical activities run for University staff


Need help?

As you’ll see from the slides, it’s a pretty easy process.

But maybe you just want to cut the hassle and have someone else run a session for you.
Or have an outside voice to facilitate a review?
Or coach your team to undertake their own research and engagement with users?

If this sounds like you, get in touch to discuss how I might be able to help.

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