Stratos Filalithis

Head (Acting) of Website and Communications
Stratos is the acting head for the University Website Programme, supporting the University's key strategic goals, while overseeing the management and support of the University’s corporate Web Content Management System (EdWeb) and other high-level University online services.

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Who can change EdWeb? You!

Change is inevitable and will eventually transform everything. EdWeb is no exception from this rule and anybody who is a part of it has the opportunity to determine its direction, preferably for the better. Change is an integral and necessary part of the modern philosophy of development and service management, while managing it requires planning, effort and processes. Enter the EdWeb Technical Change Advisory board (CAB). Continue reading: Who can change EdWeb? You!


Why EdWeb is not Drupal

In the early days of developing EdWeb, especially before taking a final decision regarding the name of the new University Central CMS service, we referred to the new system as ‘Drupal’ (and some around the University still do!). This is not accurate as, even though EdWeb is based on Drupal, it is not the same thing. To understand the difference, we need to revisit each service’s identity. Continue reading: Why EdWeb is not Drupal


Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Bicycles. Canals. Boats. Tulips. Drupal. This year, Amsterdam had a new landmark to identify with. More than 2,300 Drupalistas attended the yearly European conference that gets the Drupal community together for a week to discuss all things Drupal, as well as other cutting edge web technologies and project management methodologies.

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Our CMS Support Assistant interns

Since August 2013, our team has provided an internship role in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University. The role of the CMS Support Assistant provides an opportunity for 2nd year computing-related degree students to spend a year working in a real life environment, where they can gain experience in delivering user support and participate in web application development under close management.

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A new CMS Support Officer joins the team

Billy Wardrop recently joined the University Website Programme fulfilling the role of the CMS Support Officer, which had been vacant since the beginning of March 2014. His main responsibilities are to provide technical expertise and guidance for existing services and projects, offering input to applications development and support processes, and providing second-line user support.

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Getting website analytics to the next level

Web managers understand the value of having website analytics and analyse them to make decisions about restructuring content or their website in general. As the University Website Programme is keen on delivering more information to enhance understanding about web visitors’ behaviour and interaction with the University’s websites, we are trying to take as much advantage as possible of the modern web analytics tools. This led us to implement and embed Google Analytics Event Tracking on Polopoly websites.

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Connecting with the Drupal world

One of the most important aspects in embracing Drupal as the framework behind the new CMS of the University of Edinburgh, is engaging with its enthusiastic and creative community. As part of this strategy, the University sponsored Drupal Camp Scotland 2014 and contributed with two, very interesting presentations.

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