Chocolate plus jellyfish equals an excellent sustainable event

The UWP are proud to share that we have won another award, bronze sustainability, and also that the University has a new unit – the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Sustainability award ceremony

On Tuesday 22 April we walked into Teviot Row House to be met by jellyfish made of plastic bags hanging from the ceiling and lit up by a series of lights. We were here for the Sustainability Awards ceremony and the hall had been decorated with an art installation designed by a student at Edinburgh College of Art. Strangely beautiful and highlighting the problems of plastic rubbish in the sea. A large number of staff and students had gathered to receive their awards, bronze, silver or gold, from Senior Vice Principal Mary Bownes.

The event echoed what we’d found already with our involvement with the sustainability award scheme. It was both fun and informative. The event was slickly organised, with talks and videos, and we were soon up on stage collecting our prize, before being whisked out the back for photos like proper celebrities. Our delicious hamper contained chocolate, coffee and a voucher for Earthy and all presented in a lovely wicker box.

Next year we are going for gold!

Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Mary Bownes launched the new department at the awards, introducing Dave Gorman as the new Director and presenting him with the appropriate welcome gift of a can crusher.

The new department will work to provide expert advice and support for staff and students and will coordinate the University’s social responsibility and sustainability related activities.

It’s great to see the University demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility and we certainly wish them all the best in the coming months and years.

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