Drupalcamp Scotland 2015 at the University

Drupalcamp Scotland – the annual regional conference for developers and users of the Drupal CMS platform – is being hosted this year at the University of Edinburgh, with members of the University Website Programme contributing presentations on EdWeb and agile usability.

Drupal is the name of the open source CMS we have used over the past couple of years to build EdWeb. So as you can imagine members of the project team with a hand in the development have become active participants in what is a worldwide community. This conference is an opportunity for more local users to meet up in person and learn from others’ experiences and innovations.

(Wondering about the relationship between Drupal and EdWeb, by the way? Stratos wrote a post a little while back on ‘Why EdWeb is not Drupal‘).

As well as regional meetups, there are larger conferences each year in Europe and the US – Drupalcon – and again members of our team have been attending these events. The most recent was in September in Barcelona.

So, slightly less glamorous than Barca (and a fair bit colder I expect), we have Drupalcamp 2015 happening at the University early next month – 6 and 7 November. The two day event will be hosted at 50 George Square.

There are two sessions being run by members of the University Website Programme:

This conference is definitely not for everyone, but if you have an interest in Drupal and/or software development, the cost and the proximity definitely make it worth a look.

We hope to see a few familiar faces  at our sessions!

Drupalcamp Scotland 2015 – conference programme and booking details

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