EdGEL for blogging


At the September Web Publishers Community, I delivered a presentation that calls upon the blogging community within the University to help us solve challenges with the EdGEL.

Why blogging and not WordPress

We want this experience to be applied on other platforms, not just WordPress. The theme was initially developed with WordPress in mind, but it became apparent that the elements created for blogs must be transferrable to other systems like Drupal or Joomla.

The focus needs to be on the EdGEL.

The problems we have

We don’t know how an EdGEL for blogging should work, and we need to find out. We’re going to reach out to managers, and ask them about how they currently operate their blogs.

Our ideas

Please take a look at the presentation slides on the Wiki (EASE login required). When viewing the slides, please think about how you would translate and structure your navigation in the EdGEL.

How you can help

We are very keen to listen to your feedback and proposals. We encourage blog managers, editors and viewers to comment and discuss this feedback on our Wiki space. I will also be reaching out to blog managers around the University to invite them to discuss

Presentation slides on the WPC wiki space

Please also leave any additional comments below.


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