EdWeb deployment update January 2016

The next in our regular schedule of updates and improvements to EdWeb takes place on Monday 11 January. This deployment will introduce branding updates to individual site banners as well as additions to the content of the University’s global site footer.

During the previous ‘iteration’ (a project term for a short burst of development activity), we’ve continued work outlined by Communications and Marketing to deliver features they require to be added to the system so that their web publishing activity can be as effective as possible.

New features

Adding a logo to a site banner – EdWeb users can now further customise their site banners with individual logos in order to brand sites more effectively.

IAD banner

IAD site banner with logo


To add a site banner, select Subsite elements and ‘Site-wide brand’. This will allow you to upload a logo image in various file formats.

banner logo

Be sure to follow image guidelines when uploading a logo.


Additional content in University-wide site footer – We’ve also expanded the University’s site footer to increase branding, with logo additions from affiliated organisations Universitas 21, the League of European Research Universities, the Russell Group, and the Coimbra Group.

Footer revised

Logo images are linked to the University’s Affiliations page.


Along with these changes, we will also be deploying small (‘standard’) changes to the ‘modules’ that comprise EdWeb. These are detailed in full on the EdWeb Change Advisory Board (CAB) pages, and are mainly of use to technical users, or those who run EdWeb distributions. They have no expected impact on the way that EdWeb is used.

Standard EdWeb changes

Guidance for these new features will be added to our support wiki in the coming days.

EdWeb support wiki

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