EdWeb development road map

As a way of continuing to engage with the web publishing community and all EdWeb stakeholders we’ve been working on creating an easily shareable road map. We want a simple way to share what’s already been developed, what we are currently working on and what could come next.

The project backlog

Anyone who has used the Agile methodology to run any projects will be familiar with the project backlog. This is a prioritised stack of pieces of functionality that acts like a giant to do list. We use the excellent software JIRA to manage this during our development iterations. This allows us to assign tasks to each other and keep track of progress.

But it’s not a great way of sharing our work with the wider community. It’s too focused on very specific areas of functionality, it can be pretty technical and it often uses language that would only be fully understandable by members of the team.

We wanted to change all that by creating a road map that makes sense for everyone.

The EdWeb road map

Many coloured cards laid out in a series of rows

The story map is made up of a series of layers starting with the themes at the top down to the unscheduled cards at the bottom. The themes are top level groupings as a way of brining similar areas of functionality together. We then have all the work that has already been developed and deployed. Followed by our current work. And then finally at the bottom a series of cards that have yet to be scheduled.

We’ll be using the map to drive a number of different processes over the next few months including our EdWeb feature prioritisation survey.

Take a look at our current story map – no login needed

View the EdWeb feature prioritisation survey results

See how far we’ve come from our original paper based map


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