EdWeb migration update – the home straight!

The EdWeb migration project team is delighted to announce that over 200 sites are now live in EdWeb. The migration project has taken great strides in 2015, from just one site live in EdWeb this time last year, to 203 one year later!

EdWeb project staff

The EdWeb project team celebrating!


It’s not just about the numbers: 260 Polopoly websites have been reviewed as part of the process and the sites either migrated, amalgamated or archived, meaning the migrated sites are cleaner, fresher and more accurate than their Polopoly predecessors.

A great way to start the festive season!

We are now in the final phase of the migration project with 31 sites migrated so far in phase 5. We will begin the migration of the remaining 63 Polopoly sites when we return in the new year.

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