Embedding PURE information on your website

Driven by the work around the Research Excellence Framework, we’ve done some development work to embed PURE data easily on your website.

The University is a place of knowledge and research, while its websites are one of the main channels to deliver information regarding progress on any field. As 2014 is the year when the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK Higher Education institutions (HEIs), the Research Excellence Framework, is taking place, delivering this information as quickly and as accurately as possible is essential for the prestige of research groups, Schools, Colleges and the University of Edinburgh in general.

A user-friendly way to embed research information

That was the main driver behind the delivery of the PURE profile embed widget by the University Website Programme team, as part of its continuous efforts to make web publishers’ lives easier and save time on content updates. The aim was to provide a service to enable content editors to embed researcher profile and publication information using customisable options, which will then update directly from the source and without any need for manual effort. This is managed by caching data directly from the PURE database using an overnight procedure that runs during weekdays, making data shown on the PURE Widget output identical to that of the Research Explorer website.

How does it work?

The output code uses the <iframe> HTML tag, which means that it can be used on any website by embedding it inside its HTML content. A live example is shown below.


All web publishers are welcome to use this widget and share their feedback or suggestions for further improvements, as many of University colleagues have already done, in the support wiki discussion page.

Use the widget now

For further information on how you can use the PURE Widget to embed researcher profiles to Polopoly, you can read the appropriate support guidance, or, if using another system, you can share this information with the respective Computing Officer or get in touch with the University Website Programme.


Our thanks for all the help to the PURE management team and the PURE Web Services user group for their help in implementing and delivering the widget.

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