Google Analytics guidance update

We’ve updated our Google Analytics (GA) guidance to cover both the latest design refresh, and the launch of GA events.

Stratos recently posted about the technical background to the launch of the GA Events service:

Stratos’ post

I’m hopeful that GA events should allow us to to further understand user behaviour on our sites, and from a training perspective, it’s an opportunity to provide further examples of reports that we find useful. I’m working to develop some task-based examples of reports that the UWP find useful when using GA in general, and would like to extend this to the new events service.

As an example: from my background in computing support, I’m interested in knowing on which pages website visitors click our e-mail address – a large number of exits from the page to send an e-mail to support suggests to me that a visitor hasn’t understood the page, so the page needs revised. GA events now allows us to narrow down on which pages this happens.

In July, I posted about the creation of a video version of our GA training:

My post on video training

The resulting video is now live on our support wiki: I’m hopeful it will have some impact on the confidence of our GA users. As before, I’m very open to suggestions of the types of things we could explain better or do differently using video training; I’d also be interested in piloting a ‘webinar’ version of GA training so that I can better understand the challenges of this style of delivery.

screenshot of the uploaded google analytics training video

We’ve also updated our main guidance document to take account of the latest design refresh of GA – this was necessary, as the most recent refresh included changing the title of key metrics.

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