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I’ve decided to instate a new mailing list for University Google Analytics users. This comes as a response to a number of interface changes recently instated by Google, and feedback received from our regular training course attendees.

If you regularly use Google Analytics, you will have noticed a significant change to the ‘home’ page you see when you log in. Google have also made other changes to reporting actions (at the top of reports). If you have not yet got to grips with these changes, I’ve detailed them and what they could mean for University users in a blog post.

New ‘Home’ for Google Analytics

Our previous route to notify University users of updates and news for Google Analytics was to mail central mailing lists (website community, marketing lists). However, I appreciate that not all members on these list will find updates like this relevant. Further, feedback from a recent survey of training attendees suggested that while our usual training session is appreciated, finding time and ideas to use the system is challenging.

The session was very helpful and it was really good to be able to spend time learning how to use google analytics and see the results. Maybe the odd follow up email with tips for using analytics would help keep people engaged and encourage regular use.

With these points in mind, I’ve set up a new mailing list for Google Analytics updates. I will seek to mail 10 times a year (roughly, monthly) with updates and tips, along with notes from our training and support that would benefit most users of analytics. It will also be available for anyone to post with questions, or suggestions to help our community of users.

If you would find such updates useful, please sign up for the list below.

Sign up for University Google Analytics mailing list (EASE login required)

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