New UX training courses coming soon

I’ve been working over the past couple of months with Marianne O’Loughlin, a user experience (UX) consultant, to develop new training courses for the University.

The sessions will be on personas and prototyping – user experience techniques that help with communication, planning and research.

The prototyping training will include a quick start guide for Balsamiq, the prototyping tool we helped to get integrated into the University wiki service a few years ago.

With these courses in place, I’ll be able to offer a comprehensive suite of training to the University’s web publishing and digital management community. Later in the year I’d like to be in a position to offer bespoke training to schools and units, perhaps running full day training (or longer) pulling together the most relevant elements from: digital strategy development, writing for the web, Google analytics, social media, usability testing, prototyping and personas. And of course, CMS training.

The first sessions will be pilots, and I’ll be inviting colleagues to come along via the UX mailing list.

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