Persona and prototyping pilot training prove popular

Over the past few months we’ve been running new training sessions on how to prototype and how to use personas to improve the user focus of developments. Pilot sessions have been well attended and positively reviewed.

Working with independent UX consultant Marianne O’Loughlin, I developed two new half day training courses which were a combination of previous sessions and seminars I’d run, combined with Marianne’s insight and experience.

Marianne O’Loughlin’s Linkedin profile

I’ve been fortunate to be able to call on Marianne to deliver these sessions, and I think she’s done a great job of evolving them over the last few months based on participant feedback.

The courses have been popular, and I really hope we can have Marianne back again later in the year to run further sessions for the University’s development and website management communities.

What participants said about persona training

 I think the session was great for spreading the word about the usefulness of persona…

I thought this really was an excellent event and will definitely be recommending it to colleagues…

Marianne is a great tutor facilitator… [the session] …has helped me feel more confident about approaching a web project I’m involved with, where we may well use personas.

What participants said about prototyping training

A very good as a starter session… [and] …definitely of value to a novice.

The session was very useful especially the practical elements…

Great introduction to the time-saving and thought-provoking concept of prototyping. When exposed to technical tools like Balsamiq, it’s easy to get lost in tinkering with the possibilities; using paper tools to narrow down the concept beforehand was shown to be a considerable time saver.

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