Requesting EdWeb redirects


We have a new tool to help us speed up the process of adding redirects to EdWeb. As such, we are formalising the process for how to request redirects.

The tool

The new tool is a script which automates adding redirects to EdWeb, so we no longer have to do this manually one-by-one.

However, redirects need to be presented in a certain way in order for the script to work.

Request template

In order for your redirects to be added to EdWeb as quickly as possible, I’ve created a handy template spreadsheet which details how to write out redirects.

Download the redirect request template (EASE login required)

Essentially, we need the URL you are directing FROM and the new URL you are directing TO, but only the latter can be written out as a full URL path.

For FROM URLs, we just need the URL segment after ed.ac.uk/.

So for instance, a series of requests would look something like:

website-programme/training-support/edweb http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme/training-support/courses/edweb-training
website-programme/training-support/google-analytics http://www.ed.ac.uk/website-programme/training-support/courses/google-analytics

When to use the template

If you only have a few redirects to request, you don’t have to use the template.

However, if you have five or more redirects, we ask that you use the template so that we can add your request in as quickly as possible.

Blanket redirects

A blanket redirect in EdWeb is typically used for newly titled sites or sections – it redirects all old URLs to a new single page (either a homepage or overview). If you are requesting a blanket redirect, you don’t have to use the template.

While our new tool can easily take care of redirecting every old page of your site to its new destination URL, we would recommend using blanket redirects over this. The exception would be in cases where you have high profile pages where it would be beneficial for your target audience to be directed to the new URL.

Redirect guidance

Our Website Support wiki outlines all you need to know about the redirect process, including information on how to place your redirect request.

Redirect process wiki page

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