Scottish universities web managers meeting

I was very pleased to host a meeting of web managers from universities across Scotland and the north east of England here in the wonderful Moray House on 12 November 2014.

Stephen Emmott, formerly of LSE and now with JBoye had been in touch to see if I’d like to help run a day to discuss the challenges of web governance in Higher Education. It was a great day, with around 25 colleagues from across HE.

I gave a talk on our experience here. You can take a look at the slides here: A whistlestop tour of website management and governance (PowerPoint presentation)

Discussion was full and open with some interesting insights into others’ experience. It doesn’t look like we are doing too badly here, with many of those present wanting to take away out governance structure to see if they might tweak and emulate it. It’s hard, there’s no doubt about it- particularly in a devolved structure such as ours.

With the delivery of EdWeb and the Edinburgh GEL through 2015, I hope we will address our own burning issues of the need for more flexibility along with a responsive, mobile friendly design. We’ve got a lot to do!

But it looks like everyone is now on board with the migration plan in place.

EdWeb migration phase overview (pdf document)

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