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Targeted analytics

I recently attended a talk by Professor Gregor Kennedy detailing his recent research into “learning analytics”, the study of interactions in digital learning environments. Professor Kennedy’s research has revealed the gap between curriculum design and real student behaviour, and the impact this has on learning.

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Web Publishing Community session – August 2014

At this month’s Web Publishing Community session Angie Lamb (IS Web Champion and Lead Analyst ) gave an interesting presentation on how she and the IS web management team had gone about tidying up and streamlining the Information Services website using website and call management analytics. Angie gave us a quick introduction to the methods she had used and some insights from what she found.

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Getting website analytics to the next level

Web managers understand the value of having website analytics and analyse them to make decisions about restructuring content or their website in general. As the University Website Programme is keen on delivering more information to enhance understanding about web visitors’ behaviour and interaction with the University’s websites, we are trying to take as much advantage as possible of the modern web analytics tools. This led us to implement and embed Google Analytics Event Tracking on Polopoly websites.

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