User experience team takes shape

We now have two members of staff who are specialists in user experience design and strategy working on the Digital Transformation Initiative-funded UX Services projects.

I’ll provide an update on these projects as they take shape over the coming weeks, but in a nutshell they are:

  • UX Service pilot – establishing a team, training and new processes for design and development
  • EdGEL strategy – proposing how EdGEL should be operated and governed as a service in future
  • EdGEL technology delivery – establishing the technical aspects that will facilitate collaboration and ongoing improvements
  • Student digital standards – setting out how digital products should be appraised to raise standards in the user experience of new products.

UPDATE: Briefing on the UX Service-related projects underway as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (21 March 2017)

Working with us on these projects are two new members of the team who bring with them a wealth of skills and experience.

Karl Smith has been with us since early January and working as Digital Design Strategist is focused primarily on the two EdGEL related projects. Karl has an established track record in UX-related strategic roles across a range of sectors.

Karl Smith’s profile on Linkedin

Magdalena Tsiobanelis joined us in February as a UX Consultant with a primary focus on developing our UX services and piloting them with projects across the Digital Transformation and Service Excellence portfolios. Magdalena has a Masters Degree in Design Thinking, and has worked in UX consultancy and most recently with the Scottish Government.

Magdalena Tsiobanelis’ profile on Linkedin

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