Web Publishers’ Community – February update

This month, Bruce, Neil, Stratos and Duncan demoed EdWeb and delivered a project update to a full house of website editors.

EdWeb project update

Bruce’s progress update delivered the good news that all of the planned initial 15 sites have been successfully migrated to EdWeb, resulting in no project delays and flagging up no major issues.

The next phase of the migration starts on 9 March, 2015, and will see 56 sites (5974 pages!) being migrated to EdWeb – a big increase on the 14 sites and 606 pages thus far and a new challenge for our team.

A review of the pilot phase was held in January, with positive feedback overall. Issues raised about communications from UWP and information in the Migration Handbook have now been acted upon and this opportunity for discussion has been an important part of our efforts to refine the migration process.

While Bruce admitted that he rather likes Polopoly, he couldn’t help but agree with the feedback that:

EdWeb makes more sense than Polopoly ever did!

However, to make the transition as seamless as possible, he stressed the importance of web editors going through the Editorial Task Checklist well before their sites are to be moved to the new system, to ensure that their content is migrated correctly.

Editorial Task Checklist

EdWeb demos

Neil, Stratos and Duncan had the tricky task of showing off aspects of the new system in under 45 minutes.

Up first was Neil’s section about website design, navigation and IA, in which he demonstrated the function of the global header and footer, the subsite-controlled banner image, colour theming (currently planned for a future version of EdWeb), Contact button and page titling principles.

He also spoke about the website’s new navigation and has written about this previously on our blog:

Neil’s blog post about website design and navigation

Duncan talked through the process for editors, from logging in to the CMS to previewing material and checking the dashboard, and Stratos managed to pack his presentation about web proxy functionality in EdWeb into the final five minutes.

Share what you’re doing

If you’d like to talk to us about anything you’re working on that you think would be of interest to the Web Publishers’ Community, please get in touch! Or feel free to take the stand in the tea and coffee break to show us what you’ve been up to.


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