Website Support Clinic update – Advanced Polopoly training

It’s been a busy month at UWP’s Website Support Clinic, with every Tuesday afternoon booked up with drop-ins.

Learning to reorganise your website

One of our Clinic attendees this month was keen to come along and take advantage of our Advanced Polopoly training sessions. While his usual role is to edit the content of his site, which our regular Polopoly training covers, he had recently been asked to look at moving some of the pages around and reconsider the structure of the website.

The Advanced training builds on the regular Polopoly training, by adding further items to the web pages built in the initial training session. By the end of the training, you’ll know how to create an entire website, right through to the homepage.

On top of this, the training teaches you about how to use ‘include’ articles and how to move (‘copy’ and ‘paste’) and make replica content (‘duplicate’), which was certainly an area I found confusing before taking the training.

After a couple of hours with us at the Tuesday Clinic, our attendee left feeling far more confident about the task in hand.

Is Advanced training for you?

Advanced training is a popular Clinic request and we are very happy to help web publishers develop the skills they will need for more complex Polopoly actions.

Advanced training is a non-technical course, which will be beneficial if you need to:

  • Restructure your site
  • Move content around
  • Create replicas of pages
  • Reuse the same content on many pages (‘include’ articles)
  • Build homepages – including adding a banner and a contact link

How does Advanced training work?

Our Advanced training doesn’t run as a regular session. Anyone taking the Advanced training can book to come to our Clinic through the Website Support email address; here, we will provide you with a one-on-one introduction to the training and give you a place at a desk in our office to go through as much or as little of the training booklet as you wish.

We’ll be on hand the whole time for any questions or problems.

Book an Advanced training session at our Website Support Clinic

The Website Support Clinic runs from 12-3pm, every Tuesday. Please book a place through Website Support.

Advanced Polopoly training materials

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