Website Support Clinic update – Migration preparation

We’ve had web editors at clinics this week making preparations for their site’s migration to EdWeb, with a particular focus on Overview pages and Summary sentences.

Overview pages: prepare your Polopoly sections for EdWeb

As part of the migration preparation work, we ask that you ensure that every section in Polopoly has an Overview page sitting at the top of the pages within it. This is so that the migration script works successfully: EdWeb doesn’t use the sections/articles system that Polopoly did: in fact, there are no ‘sections’ at all in EdWeb. This means that the first page (article) in your Polopoly is really important as it will head up all of the content that sits alongside it.

If there is a reason why an Overview page is not appropriate for your section, our solution (to ensure that the migration still works) is as follows:

  • Duplicate the first page in your section;
  • Add ‘COPY’ to the end of the Title field, and ‘-copy’ to the friendly URL path;
  • Paste it into you section, underneath the original version (so it becomes the second page in the list);
  • Leave it unpublished.

Summary sentences

Summary sentences are a mandatory field on all EdWeb content pages: each page must have one or two sentences explaining to the user what kind of information they will find on the page in question.

The migration handles this for you by migrating across the ‘Introduction’ styled first sentence on every Polopoly page (NOT ‘bold’ style): it must be in this ‘Introduction’ style or it will not be recognised as a summary sentence. This summary sentence will also be pulled through into the boxes on the Overview page.

To prepare for this, it is important for website editors to go through all pages on their site and ensure that every page is headed up with an ‘Introduction’ styled summary sentence.

Prepare for migration

Start preparing for your website migration by working through the Editorial Task Checklist:

Migration Handbook wiki – Editorial Task Checklist (requires EASE login)

Book a space at the Website Support Clinic (Tuesdays, 12-3pm) to discuss your site:


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