Welcome our new Editorial Development Officer


Duncan Stephen joined our team at the end of March as an Editorial Development Officer, bringing a tremendous range of skills and experience developed over a number of years at other higher education institutions in Scotland.

I was aware of Duncan’s work already – as were other members of our team – through his contributions to our sector’s web management community forums, involvement at the annual conference IWMW and his personal blogging.

Read Duncan’s personal blog posts about the annual higher education web managers conference, IWMW

Duncan spent a good number of years at the University of St Andrews achieving great things between the IT and Marketing departments, including leading a complete overhaul of their ‘Study at St Andrews’ digital provision.

In more recent times he’s been in charge of the web presence of Scotland’s Rural College.

Duncan’s blend of editorial, design and user research skills are a fantastic addition to our team, and I look forward to him sharing work and insight via this blog in the coming months.

Duncan Stephen’s profile on LinkedIn 

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