Stratos Filalithis

Head (Acting) of Website and Communications
Stratos is the acting head for the University Website Programme, supporting the University's key strategic goals, while overseeing the management and support of the University’s corporate Web Content Management System (EdWeb) and other high-level University online services.

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A vision for a new search experience, and beyond…

Back in September 2016, the University initiated a procurement exercise to replace its current central search engine. As we are nearing on deciding the successful vendor, it’s a great time to provide a project review, revisit the vision and explore the opportunities this new search engine will present.

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2016, the year in review

We are nearing the end of 2016. This provides us with a great opportunity to review our actions, highlight our achievements, learn from our experiences and set our goals for more success in 2017. These are just a few (but definitely the most significant) areas we worked to develop and improve this year.

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How to collaborate for a better University Website experience

The move to EdWeb has offered the University a unique opportunity to shift to a new, more collaborative culture and take full advantage of the available knowledge and resources. UWP have taken the initiative of mapping a development collaborative framework for EdWeb through a project co-funded by the College of Science and Engineering.

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Who can change EdWeb? You!

Change is inevitable and will eventually transform everything. EdWeb is no exception from this rule and anybody who is a part of it has the opportunity to determine its direction, preferably for the better. Change is an integral and necessary part of the modern philosophy of development and service management, while managing it requires planning, effort and processes. Enter the EdWeb Technical Change Advisory board (CAB). Continue reading: Who can change EdWeb? You!


Why EdWeb is not Drupal

In the early days of developing EdWeb, especially before taking a final decision regarding the name of the new University Central CMS service, we referred to the new system as ‘Drupal’ (and some around the University still do!). This is not accurate as, even though EdWeb is based on Drupal, it is not the same thing. To understand the difference, we need to revisit each service’s identity. Continue reading: Why EdWeb is not Drupal

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